Theater Of The Mundane: NYC Mo’Blogging

Baltimore, 8:00AM

Read The Sign, 10:45AM

Cowon On Parade, 11AM

Brick House, 11:30AM
(Mohler, we can take ’em.)

Ground Zero, Noon

iCube, 1:00PM

Sustenance, 1:45PM

Mario Ghost Town, 2:00PM

Dave And His Little Friend, 6:00PM

$7,000, 6:30PM

Mobile Tech Roundup, 7:00PM

Penn Station, 10:00PM

9 thoughts on “Theater Of The Mundane: NYC Mo’Blogging”

  1. The pics are nice but where are the bleeding edge scoops we have come to expect from the “King of All Things Home Entertainment”. Though I must admit the icube shot is pretty sweet. Soon you will have little or no need for the talents of a world renowned digital war correspondent.

  2. Moles: If you look closely, you may notice some prerelease hardware and software, not to mention some unauthorized tethering and charging. Additional items/topics that weren’t photographed and weren’t documented could be the basis for future scoops. ;)

    Todd: Yah, I took all the pics (except the one of me, obviously) — using a Panasonic Lumix FX9. It’s a compact 6 megapixel shooter with image stabilization. I actually don’t care for it. Then again I say that with most cameras, so maybe I have a problem with the photographer. ;) I’ll have to check out geotagging, though I don’t plan on doing this often… I’m wiped out and haven’t even made it in to work yet. Temps over 90 degrees didn’t help!

  3. Zatz,

    Why don’t you drop a dime on all those sweet new digital devices you got to play with in NYC. Tell us about your experience with the Vaio UX. As much as I want to love it I think it might be too big to be a “carry all the time” and too small to be a laptop replacement. Phonescoop hated the keyboard on the “Q” what did you think? Is the Sprint 6700 the Uber device everyone says it is? Is UMPC intriguing or is it another useless form factor? All the UMPC devices look thick and bulky. What?s your take?

  4. The UX50 is possibly the most comfortable handheld computer I’ve encountered. It’s perfectly weighted/balanced and the underside has two contours which fit my hands perfectly. I didn’t do enough typing to comment on the keyboard, though the device is touch-screen enabled. The toothpick stylus is short and narrow, which may or may not be a big deal. The amount of resolution they squeeze into the 4.5″ screen is amazing. Having said all that, I don’t think there’s a market in the US for this type of device — I agree it may be too large as a portable and too small as a laptop for practical purposes.

  5. I got some hands on time with two Qs. I think the form is great, and I don’t agree with some of the complaints I’ve read regarding the keyboard and angular edges of the phone. The external speaker is LOUD and the display is decent. Both owners reported somewhat short battery life and I found the UI to be quirky, though I didn’t spend enough time to learn it. I’d like to see the Q next to a Nokia E61.

  6. The 6700 (Sprint or Verizon) is hand’s down the best PDA phone available in America — best processor, large screen, spacious keyboard, support for all sorts of multimedia, and EVDO. But that’s pretty much common knowledge and I’ve felt this way for some time. I suspect you do too, Moles. If price (and my existing contract) were no object, I’d have one.

  7. Before meeting up with Kevin, I was a UMPC hater. Now, I’m not so sure… The device is sleeker than the pictures led me to believe and it’s a full function tablet PC. I do have a bias though — I’m attached to my keyboard. I never got into Graffiti or other handwriting recognition. There were a few Bluetooth portable keyboards around, but I’d rather not deal with accessories so I can’t see myself taking a Q1 on the road. A small, convertible tablet still seems like a good compromise of size and function for work/travel. If UMPC devices ever drop to the $500 – $600 range, they would be the perfect couch/bedroom computer for me — far better than a PDA phone, Nokia 770, or Pepper Pad.

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