Netflix May Or May Not Have A Box In Development

Netflix also may or may not be collaborating with TiVo. However, they’ve earmarked a sizeable 5 to 10 million dollars in 2006 on digital movie distribution R&D. As Netflix isn’t prepared to discuss this further until 1/07, it’s safe to assume the launch of something is not imminent.

Variety says: Netflix VP of original programming Eric Besner revealed on Friday some of the online rental service’s thinking on the movie download bizbiz, saying Netflix is planning to introduce a proprietary set-top box with an Internet connection that can download movies overnight. Users would add movies they want to watch to their rental queue online as they do now, and those movies would then be downloaded to the boxes overnight rather than shipped through the mail. Service could launch as early as this year.

Netflix responds: Netflix said that Besner’s comments have subsequently been interpreted to suggest that Netflix has narrowed its downloading strategy to a set-top box product. In fact, Netflix is evaluating a broad range of options, and no decisions have been made regarding specific delivery options or timing. Netflix had earlier indicated that it would discuss its downloading plans more fully in its fourth-quarter earnings announcement in January 2007 and that it is investing $5 to 10 million this year in developing its approach to on-line movie delivery.

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2 thoughts on “Netflix May Or May Not Have A Box In Development”

  1. Just say “no” to set-top boxes. My home theatre system doesn’t have enough ports to accomodate every proprietary box these companies want to push on us. These things are all future door-stops.

  2. Yeah, I would sign up if it used my existing TiVo. But I’d be reluctant to pick up YATSB (Yet Another Set Top Box). Even if it downloaded to my PC and then let me TTCB to mine TiVo I could cope.

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