3 thoughts on “Blockbuster Online Preps Television Commercial”

  1. It still infuriates me that I can’t get both games and movies from Blockbuster online.

    As it stands, I’m subscribed to just GameFly. I would love to be able to get the occasional movie, but not enough to justify a separate NetFlix subscription.

    It seems like this would be a natural way for Blockbuster to differentiate – instead of taking on NetFlix and its loyal customers directly, offer something unique. It would probably lure away a lot of GameFly customers as well.

  2. What’s even stranger is that Blockbuster originally offered game rentals, but killed it. In fact, longtime customers are grandfathered and can still rent games via the mail. Davis Freeberg of thomashawk.com has convinced me profit margins are much lower with game rentals, but I agree with you Tim that the service would attract subscribers.

    I also use GameFly (shipping with them is sooooo slow) and would consider dumping Netflix if I could consolidate both games and flicks at Blockbuster.

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