TiVo’s Wireless Adapter Goes Retail

Look what I saw at CompUSA earlier today… the TiVo-branded wireless adapter. Like TiVo.com and Amazon, they’re priced at $49.99 — but you don’t have to wait for shipping. Rumor has it these puppies have also shown up at Fry’s. How long before we see them at Best Buy and Radio Shack? Maybe they’re already lining the shelves…

I also caught a glimpse of the SlingLink network-over-AC adapters ($99.99/pair) which I haven’t seen in person before. Sling is pitching them as a simple solution for folks without a convenient network drop. (My Slingbox shares a wireless bridge with one of my TiVo units.)

2 thoughts on “TiVo’s Wireless Adapter Goes Retail”

  1. I bought one at compusa just today. Now transferring Mind of Mencia to the laptop while I type this. GO TIVO!

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