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TiVo has announced a partnership with Verizon to add cellphone scheduling capabilities early this summer. TiVo Mobile consists of a custom Java app, distinct from their recently refreshed animated web scheduling. Pricing hasn’t been announced and partnerships with other carriers haven’t been ruled out. One article suggested the service could cost up to $5/mo and that Verizon has a 60 day exclusive, after which point it can be shopped around.

This probably isn’t a service I’d utilize (especially since I’m with Sprint), but it’s good for some positive attention. Interestingly, the announcement does not mention Yahoo… renewing speculation on the nature of their partnership.

TiVo says: TiVo, the creator of and a leader in television services for digital video recorders (DVR), and Verizon Wireless, owner of the nation’s most reliable network, announced today an agreement that will allow Verizon Wireless to debut TiVo Mobile, a new downloadable application that lets TiVo┬« service subscribers schedule recordings on their TiVo device directly from their Get It Now equipped Verizon Wireless handset.

“This arrangement will allow the growing base of TiVo subscribers to integrate control of their TV life with the most widespread piece of consumer electronics, the wireless phone,” said Tom Rogers, CEO of TiVo.

TiVo Mobile is a new innovation that will allow TiVo subscribers to schedule DVR recordings and access related entertainment information from the convenience of their mobile handsets. Viewers will be able to schedule recordings on the go via the same user interface that makes TiVo the best-in-class DVR experience.

Starting in summer 2006, in an exclusive arrangement with Verizon Wireless, users will be able to download the application from the Verizon Wireless Get It Now suite of services onto applicable handsets. Verizon Wireless and TiVo will also collaborate on a joint marketing campaign to promote availability of the new TiVo Mobile feature.

“TiVo Mobile will add yet another unique benefit to the Verizon Wireless Get It Now service by allowing our subscribers to be the first mobile users anywhere to schedule television recordings on TiVo using their mobile handset,” said John Stratton, Verizon Wireless chief marketing officer. “As a powerful consumer entertainment brand, TiVo has the ability to help us attract consumers who value the leading multimedia capabilities Verizon Wireless offers.”

7 thoughts on “TiVo Cellphone Scheduling”

  1. That article describes streaming TiVo recordings via VCast which I’ve haven’t seen announced anywhere and the site fails to list the source of their info…

  2. If Verizon is involved no doubt it’s going to cost you, they already disable features of their phones (like data transfers) so the only way you are getting that blurry 320×200 camera phone picture off of your phone, or getting a new ringtone onto your phone is to pay Verizon for the privelidge.

    First they partner with the PTC then they partner with Verizon, I’m almost afraid to find out who the next parnership is with.

  3. I have yet to see the appeal of watching tiny, pixelated, low-res content that takes forever to download when I can watch what I want on my widescreen HDTV.

  4. The lack of Yahoo mention isn’t unusual in any way, nor does it imply any reduction in activity between TiVo and Yahoo.

    This is simply something between TiVo and Verizon, so mention of another party is not appropriate – and indeed would be unusual.

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