TiVo’s CEO Video Interview

Reuters is running a juicy 5 minute web interview of TiVo CEO Tom Rogers. The reporter does a nice job in understanding the issues and asking Rogers the tough questions. If the business side of TiVo interests you, check it out!

Here are a few highlights…

  • “Having a DVR is not having a TiVo.”
  • Several new value-added features will be unveiled in the next 3-4 months to further distinguish TiVo from a generic DVR.
  • DirecTV may be responsible for about 2/3 of TiVo subscribers, but 85% of their revenue comes from other sources.
  • TiVo-enabled Comcast service is expected late this year.
  • Existing Comcast boxes can be upgraded via a software “burst.”
  • TiVo is in discussions with other cable operators.

(thanks Pete!)

15 thoughts on “TiVo’s CEO Video Interview”

  1. Tivo always was shit, and is still shit, and is in the pocket of Hollywood and the TV companies. Wake up! You are being fooled! Smart kids use ReplayTV.

  2. re: rtv

    Yeah right.. that is why replay does not exist anymore right? Hollywood and TV companies… WHATEVER. Did you feel better after that flame because you bought inferior hardware?

  3. I fully agree with rtv. ReplayTV is simply a better product than TiVo. It is very sad that they were unable to gain more marketshare. Hopefully the nextgeneration HDTV version will win out. The limitations of the TiVo Hardware are simply unexceptible. I just bought a second RTV for myself off of ebay and couldn’t be happier with the Hardware/Software/Service offered by ReplayTV.

  4. Smart kids hook their comcast boxes up to their macs via firewire, record HDTV natively as mpeg-2 stream with firewire SDK virtual dvhs, play it back with vlc on 23″hd cinema display. No need to wait, macs have had the ability to record 1080i/720p for a year now. Just had to say that.

  5. Just hook up the johnson rod and torque it to the sphetzer valve. Cap that off with a set of 30 weight ball bearings and your all set… it’s all ball bearings now.

  6. j,

    I could do that with my PC also but why do I want all the hassle and still only have single channel capability. As a directivo user for years and a programmer/Tech engineer I know a good thing when I see it. Nothing beats a tivo in in my book, I can’t comment on replay though because I’ve never had one.

  7. I think the simple fact that Replay is no more says all that needs to be said about them.
    As a longtime Tivo devotee, I am very excited about the Comcast deal. It will hopefully keep the company healthy and able to offer those of us in the stand alone world great new products.
    I think when the HD TiVo hits stores in the 4th quarter you are going to see many of the “yeah but TiVo doesn’t have…”s go away. In particular the dual tuner issue.

  8. I have never owned TiVo or ReplayTV, but I do own a Comcast dual tuner box. I must say I’m happy I will be getting TiVo, and though the TiVo software might not have dual tuner capability now, it will in the future.

    Things look good for TiVo and Comcast (as long as the price stays the same)

  9. That’s the big question… will the prices stay the same? I’m figuring it’ll be a $5/mo premium or something in that neighborhood. Though it’s possible they’ll count on getting many more DVR subscribers (and DTV converts?) by selling the TiVo brand name.

  10. Owned a Replay, single tuners blow. I now own a dual tuner DTIVO hacked to do anything I could do with my Replay and more. Better picture quality, more features, lacks one thing – commercial skip. I’ll live. If Direct doesn’t figure out their new stuff stinks then when I need an HD box it’ll be someone else providing it. I know the existing HD boxes from Direct are TIVO but that won’t continue when they change video formats I’m sure. Direct was stupid to walk away from TIVO but I’ll take this TIVO box over a Replay any day. My Replay gathers dust in a closet…

  11. I really think Directv will find out that many of those 85% of Tivo subs are actually loyal to the Tivo interface and not to the satellite. I plan on going comcast as soon as the Tivo is avail and scrapping my HR10-250 and two other direct tivos.

  12. Yea, having had both tivud and replayed, I can say difinitively that the comcast dvr works the best.

  13. JS, your comments may very well be prophetic. As a 10-year D*TV sub, I just cancelled my service to go to Comcast, and I eagerly await the Tivo box.

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