TiVo Hosts… Speed Dating?

This one’s pretty amusing… TiVo is hosting a match-making singles party (free drinks!) at a “hip” San Francisco hotel. I can’t decide if this is marketing genius or lunacy.

TiVo says:
Ever wish your TiVo WishList or TiVo Suggestions could score YOU the perfect match? Come flirt with the possibility of finding your own special someone, “TiVo-style.” PLUS get 2 free drinks AND be automatically entered in a raffle for one of 14 brand-new TiVo boxes with product lifetime subscription!

The event will feature TiVo’s special version of speed dating. Attendees will wear name badges that list their favorite shows and they’ll be given a short list of other TiVo fans in attendance who share their same taste in television programs. Singles can then “fast forward” through the crowd to find their TiVo-suggested match. And guests will be given “Thumbs Up” and “Thumbs Down” stickers to privately rate their matches.

3 thoughts on “TiVo Hosts… Speed Dating?”

  1. i think this is genius. i’d rather have tivo help me than have dr. phil and match.com. can you imagine meeting others who were addicted to house hunters? it’s a show with an extremely low budget, sometimes very boring couples and agents, but for some reason addictive. if i were not married – tivo-style here i come.

  2. Instead of finding others who dig House Hunters, how about we find out Suzanne Whang’s status… ;)

    I just discovered she has a website and is Ivy League educated: http://www.suzannewhang.com

    PS The new season of House Hunters is so much better by informing us of location and cost. The opening graphics are more professional and appealing as well.

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