TiVo Galleon Developer Calls It Quits

I woke up to some depressing news this AM… Leon Nicholls, the sole developer of Galleon, has decided to move on to “other interesting technologies.” TiVo subscribers are losing a great resource, and TiVo, Inc. is losing a great advocate. I’m hopeful that TiVo enthusiasts with some coding chops will pick up where he’s left off and that TiVo will do more to encourage HME development going forward.

Leon says: I think that TiVo has not done enough to keep my interest in their technology. I think that they can still do something about improving the situation, but then they have to be committed to really supporting third-party developers. They need to do much more than throwing their SDK over the wall and hoping that something will come of it. So what does this mean for the Galleon media server which is based on HME? As the lone developer of the project, its been interesting and fun playing with the technology sofar. However, the hope was that the technology would go somewhere and that TiVo would communicate with third-party developers about their roadmap. So, I’m sad to announce that I’ve decided to reduce my development efforts on the project. I might still release some bug fixes, but these won’t be as frequent as the releases in the past. I also don’t have any plans on adding any additional functionality to Galleon.

10 thoughts on “TiVo Galleon Developer Calls It Quits”

  1. I disagree with BetterThanYou 1000%. Many (most) others will too. Galleon is an amazing tool, one that has significantly improved my experience and value of TiVo.

    I applaud Leon for all his hard work, creativity and dilligence. I can only hope he keeps us up-to-date with any new projects he takes on.

    Best of luck to him; he (and Galleon) will be missed.

  2. Crap. Sad news indeed.

    I love Galleon and will continue to use it if (a big if) Tivo ever gets around to making TivoToGo for Mac.

    Yes galleon rocks and have never ever had a problem with the program. I have no idea what “bugs” BetterThanYou is refering too.

  3. this is a big debbie downer. Leon, you rock the casbah! I am a big fan of Galleon and am shocked and saddened that TiVo isn’t bending over backwards to support you and the product.

    Big loss for TiVo.

  4. I can’t wait to see the perfect Tivo App. from BetterThanYou. He seems to know a lot about it. Until then Galleon is the best Tivo App. there is.

  5. BetterThanYou should go $%^$^ himself, I do not see him (or any others) doing any better. I have used it since it’s start and find it more and more usefull every day! It is a sad day that the developer things he is not getting enough support and BetterThanYou doesn’t help!

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