Sony Preps Wireless AV System

What’s a bored, snowed-in geek to do on a Sunday AM? Troll the FCC website for new products, of course!

Sony’s got a home wireless AV transmission system (HWS-AV10) in the works. It uses the 2.4 GHz frequency to relay audio, video, and IR remote signals from a component in one room to a TV in another… while likely interfering with your cordless phones and WiFi. The base station includes an IR blaster allowing you to change channels or choose TiVo recordings at a distance. The receiver smartly bundles an external antenna to fine-tune reception.

In the past, I’ve used a few variations of this device with mediocre results. I’ve had better luck using media extenders/servers over WiFi… though they require a larger investment of both time and money. If cash is no object, go whole-hog with Sony’s LocationFree TV and take your screen with you around the house. For basic video, I’d advise just fishing the coax.

Sorry, HD Beat… this puppy’s standard def only.

3 thoughts on “Sony Preps Wireless AV System”

  1. I bought a cheap version at Radio Shack that works fine.

    I’d like to know if you can use multiple receivers to send the video to more than one TV.

  2. From the documents I read, it looks technically possible to send to multiple receivers. The question is, will Sony sell add-on receivers seperately? Speaking of which, there was no mention of price… like most Sony products we’ll probably pay a premium for the brand name.

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