MovieKlub Mail Order DVD Service

Here we have yet another video distribution system that will fail (see MovieBeam ). MovieKlub will send you up to two DVDs a week for $24.99/month. So what’s the big deal? These movies can only be played 3 times… then you toss them out or return them for recycling. We’ve seen similar schemes in the past which expire discs by calling in or through degradation via exposure to air or laser… none have succeeded as business models. MovieKlub is scheduled to begin operations this summer.

No thank you — Netflix has got me covered until a better VOD/PPV experience arrives.

MovieKlub says: The Limited Play DVD disc has a coating composed of a dye capable of being irreversibly bleached by light absorption. In this DVD, the information encoding features are machine-readable prior to bleaching of the dye, which is activated by absorption of the laser light in the DVD player. The dye, once bleached, inhibits further reading of the information encoding features. Based on the application of the dye, the number of read/plays of the disc can be controlled and pre-determined. With the Limited Play DVD disc, however, upon sufficient exposure to the reading laser beam, the dye in the disc coating undergoes a change in the index of refraction, resulting in unrecoverable data.

(via Hacking Netflix)

12 thoughts on “MovieKlub Mail Order DVD Service”

  1. It makes you wonder… I imagine they’d certify the DVD for up to 4-5 replays to give themselves some breathing room. Though I’m not convinced the service will make it to market — so we may never know.

  2. No landfill. Disk is recyclable.

    That part is really cool.

    Also not a bad model if you can watch at your leisure. Since I often get bogged down in too many net flix movies waiting in que.

  3. Rob: you have to mail the disk back for it to be recycled. What percentage of users do you think are going to be doing that?
    “no landfill”…bollocks

  4. Bob No landfill. Disk is recyclable.

    Yeah, just take it down to your local DVD recycli…Oh, wait, THERE ISN’T ONE.

  5. It’s only recycleable if a recycler in your area accepts it. People are lazy they’ll just toss it in the trash if recycling isn’t easy.

  6. “It?s only recycleable if a recycler in your area accepts it. People are lazy they?ll just toss it in the trash if recycling isn?t easy” Steve

    Once again it seems that no one reads the actual article that was posted on hacking netflix

    “There is a sticky-backed pre-addressed mailing label inside the sleeve/packaging. When you’re done watching the movie and want to recycle the disc, you simply affix the label to the outside of the mailer and ship it out whenever. It goes back to our recycling center, where we guarantee 100% de-manufacturing.” – HackingNetflix

  7. “?what percentage of users do you think are going to be doing that?”

    That doesn’t matter. It’s not the companies problem. They offer a way for people to recycle them. You don’t see most other companies doing that.

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