Microsoft Trademarks MovieScout

In trying to track down information on Microsoft’s Origami project, I came across a recent MS trademark application. On February 10, Microsoft requested the rights to the character mark MovieScout in relation to “providing online information concerning entertainment, movie schedules and locations, movie reviews, and ticketing.” The domain name is currently held through Market Vision’s squat and sell service. No telling if Microsoft has bought it or wants to buy it as MovieScout branded features could also exist within MSN, Xbox 360 Dashboard, MCE, or somewhere else entirely.

1 thought on “Microsoft Trademarks MovieScout”

  1. MovieScout has a nice ring to it, I bet that’s a brand Softie could sell. It would need to work like the Music Genome Project ( only for Movies. Throw in some web 2.0 graphics and digital downloading and you’ve got a nice pay per view label that could compete with the fancy algorithims that Netflix have. More then likely though, they’ll introduce it to their Media Centers as an extra feature. Microsoft’s answer to TiVo’s Suggestions if you will. For some reason though I remember TiVo having a patent for suggestions.

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