Cable Company Partners With BitTorrent

As you may recall, BitTorrent began their uphill battle towards legitimacy by partnering with the MPAA last fall to crack down on movie piracy. Now they’re taking it a step further by introducing a video download service with UK cable provider NTL. Once they add a custom storefront, will the service really be much different than an iTunes or Vongo… other than the P2P method of distribution and download?

Reuters says: UK cable firm NTL is teaming up with BitTorrent Inc., the company behind the popular file-sharing software, to test a new service that will let users purchase movies and music video downloads. “We’re working with rightsholders and ISPs because we view ourselves at the center of a lot of the activity going on here,” said BitTorrent Inc. Chief Operating Officer Ashwin Navin. “There’s been a lot of banter about video over the Internet this year, but for BitTorrent it’s a few years old.”

(via GigaOm)