TiVo Readies Undelete Feature

Due in part to customer feedback, TiVo will be including an undelete feature with the upcoming Series 2 software update. When you delete a television show, it will automatically be moved to the Recently Deleted folder at the bottom of your Now Playing list. The show will be held in purgatory for a period of time before permanent deletion unless you rescue it from a gruesome end. It’s not the sexiest feature we’ve seen, but it’s nice to have for the occasional slip up.

12 thoughts on “TiVo Readies Undelete Feature”

  1. My 40Hr. stays full. I wonder long I will actually be able to recover? I guess it really doesn’t matter, since it is more like a 2nd chance folder. It is a “Get out of jail free” after deleting last nights Idol.

  2. That’s great news! I’ll feel a lot better about deleting stuff I don’t think I still need, if I know I’ll likely be able to grab it back the next day.

    The other related feature I’d been wishing for recently (but haven’t suggested to TiVo yet) was a “low priority” flag so I could set a particular show to expire first. Even if my TiVo’s four reruns of “M*A*S*H*” were recorded this week, I’d like it to delete them to make room as needed, before it deletes last week’s new episode of whatever.

  3. This is a nice thing to add. I assume that with TiVo Suggestions that you’ll be able to tell it to keep some amount of time available for you to keep your last X deleted shows/hours. As soon as it’s filled though – goooooobye. This is great for the accidental deletion by one family member.

    I think that this person has the record worst TV viewing interests though.

    Come on, Beaches (save until I delete)?? Ellen Degeneres Show? CMA Awards (hahahahha)?? Smallville-90210-Days of Our Lives-presumably another soap opera?? Wow.

  4. This might be a neat feature, but is it really needed?
    “Some folks really don?t have any sense of honor I suppose – surely whomever leaked this was under NDA.” MegaZone. Ditto. Where is the honor?

  5. Nice scoop Dave! This will be a nice feature. DirecTivo owners should just switch to Stand Alones instead of waiting (forever) for DirecTV.

  6. Photoshop, anyone?

    The list of shows is a dead give away that this hoax ranks up there with Big Foot, crop circles, and alien glyphs on the Plains of Nasca.

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