Product Placement Expands In DVR Era

The 1/30 issue of Business Week reports a 22% increase in product placement television advertising. I’m sure we’ll see these methods continue to gain ground as DVR adoption grows. Ultimately we’ll be left with product placements, graphic overlays, and long-form opt-in commercials.

Top product placement offenders, 9/19/05 – 12/25/05:
Amazing Race: Family Edition (CBS) 2,037
The Apprentice: Martha Stewart (NBC) 1,861
The Apprentice (NBC) 1,839
America’s Next Top Model (UPN) 1,427
The Biggest Loser (NBC) 1,247

1 thought on “Product Placement Expands In DVR Era”

  1. Ha! I flicked on Passions this afternoon and there was a bottle of KY massage oil on the nightstand in one scene, and the couple in the bedroom did a whole pre-nookie massage bit. The best part? Despite a closeup of the KY at the end of the scene, they never even lubed up before the massage!! Product placement really is getting out of hand!!

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