Lucent’s DVR Sleep Detector

Lucent brainiacs have filed a patent application for a DVR sleep detector. They envision a DVR-integrated “apparatus” which pauses TV playback once an individual has fallen asleep. Upon regaining consciousness, DVR playback resumes. The application covers both video surveillance and physiological monitoring to determine wakefulness. No word on how they’ll handle those risqué folks who watch TV together.

Lucent says:
[0011] The sleep detector may comprise an electronic camera for forming images of the viewer, and pattern recognition means connected to the electronic camera to monitor the physical condition of the viewer. For example, the pattern recognition means determine whether the viewer’s eyes are open or shut. The apparatus may further include logic means connected to receive output from the pattern recognition means to distinguish normal blinking from the onset of sleep.

[0012] Alternatively, the sleep detector may comprise a device wearable by the viewer for monitoring the physical condition of the viewer. For example, the wearable device may include one or more of an accelerometer, a heat flux sensor, a galvanic skin response sensor, a skin temperature sensor and a near-body ambient temperature sensor.

[0013] The sleep detector may be connected to the digital video recorder via direct electrical connection or via a remote-control type interface.

7 thoughts on “Lucent’s DVR Sleep Detector”

  1. My daughter’s Elmo has huge eyes and will happily watch while I doze off.

    Nonetheless, Lucent is thinking of other uses to put to a camera in a DVR. The primary purpose is of course communications- the videophone thing that bell has been promising as long as we have heard we’d have jetpacks by now.

  2. Enter me please.

    I can’t wait for this to hit the market just so I can hack it. :D

    I agree, Justin. This could finally crack open the videophone we have been reading about in Popular Science since the 40’s. But it is only in the patent stage and not in production so it will be years.

    I am still waiting for my flying car. You can keep your jetpack… :)

  3. So not dumb… awesome… for the person watching alone. Problems arise when more than one person is watching… or if you put your DVR in a cabinet….

    Enter me

  4. So when networking a box with this ability, you should name it Santa, right? It sees you when you’re sleeping, it knows when you’re awake.

    On a serious note…was there really a big cry for this? It’s a DVR! If you fall asleep in the middle of what you are watching then just play the program again, forwarding to the part where you drifted off and resuming from there. Much better than being jarred awake by some program that thought turning over meant you had woken up.

  5. I’d like to know if there is any news about that project?
    it is working well, as i am starting implementing an idea similar to that project.

  6. La verdad no lo encuentro nada de tonto, este invento podría salvar muchas vidas. Imaginate si pudieramos incorporarlo a un vehículo, en el momento en que el conductor comienza a dormirse, podría activar una alarma para despertarlo, fabuloso…

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