DirecTV Partners With Humax For PMP, LCD TVs

Guess that LCD TV running TiVo software didn’t pan out, as Humax two-times TiVo and integrates a DirecTV tuner instead. First up, the 20″ SD model, followed later in the year by a 16:9 32″ HDTV.

But wait, it gets better… DirecTV 2Go is official and will be powered by a Humax portable media player (PMP).

DirecTV 2Go & PMP Press Release
Humax LCD TV(s) With DirecTV Press Release

Humax says: The HUMAX DIRECTV 2Go compliant PMP device is designed for a direct connection to a DIRECTV DVR, which will allow the consumer to transfer DIRECTV content recorded at home – a key benefit of the HUMAX platform. Additionally the device features DIRECTV branding throughout the User Interface including a DIRECTV approved playlist interface similar to DIRECTV receivers. In this relationship, the PMP device is HUMAX-branded, and will be sold at numerous retail and internet retail outlets. The device is scheduled for release later this year and in line with DIRECTV’s launch of this new service. In additional to DIRECTV content device will support music (MP3 and WMA) as well as photos and other non DIRECTV videos.

“The HUMAX LCD TVs with integrated DIRECTV Tuners make it possible for a DIRECTV customer to simply connect a coaxial cable for a true plug-and-play experience, there is no need for external wiring or connections associated with an external set-top box,” said HUMAX USA’s vice president of business development and strategic marketing, Tony Goncalves. “And with DIRECTV’s high-quality digital signal, the picture is second to none.” The 20-inch model is 4:3 and features a modem and USB port, component video input, two composite video inputs, and an audio and video output. Available in the first half of 2006, the 20-inch model has an anticipated MSRP of $749. The 32-inch model will ship with a DIRECTV MPEG4 TV module consisting of a DIRECTV HD Tuner, ATSC tuner, component video, composite video, S-video and HDMI inputs. HUMAX plans on developing additional modules to support future DIRECTV hardware. The company expects the 32-inch HD model to be available in Q4, with pricing to be determined.

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