Dave’s Deal Of The Day

OK so I don’t have “deals of the day” on my site, but every now and then I do come across a bargain on some sort of gadget which needs to be shared.

Walmart has been selling the Garmin i2 under $200 this holiday season and they’re back in stock today. CNET and Amazon reviewers seem to dig it. GPS with audio for under 2 bills… how can you go wrong! In other words, I just got my order in — what are you waiting for?

2 thoughts on “Dave’s Deal Of The Day”

  1. sweet find! thanks! finally a GPS I can afford

    btw – its $224 + $11 shipping on walmart.com and $236 + $0 shipping on amazon.com. According to cnet.com amazon has the lowest price.

  2. Damn, they raised the price! For most of December it’s been $198, which is what I bought it at. ~$235 still seems reasonable for an auto GPS – especially given the list price of $300. Not quite as sweet, but decent.

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