Verizon’s FiOS TV Heads East

Herdon, VA is the second community to receive Verizon’s TV offering beginning this week. Verizon’s FiOS TV provides television service over fiber optic lines utilizing both traditional broadcast technology and IPTV. They appear to be using the Motorola 6412 as the dual HD tuner hardware platform.

Unlike Verizon’s original deal in Texas, all of Fairfax County, VA has given Verizon the go-ahead to provide video to all residents, regardless of city jurisdiction. Additionally, state law in Texas has been modified which has resulted in Verizon being granted a state-wide license to offer television programming. I sure hope my state and local governments get on the ball – I’m oh-so-ready to dump Comcast.

FiOS TV offers:

  • A broad collection of all-digital programming and compelling consumer choice — with more than 330 total channels now and more on the way.
  • A lead offer with more than 180 digital video and music channels, for
    $39.95 a month. Subscribers to this tier in Herndon and future FiOS TV
    markets in the region will also receive Mid-Atlantic Sports Network,
    home of the Washington Nationals baseball team.
  • More than 20 high-definition channels, with extraordinary clarity and
    theater-quality sound.
  • More than 1,110 video-on-demand titles available to customers now, with
    1,800 by year-end.
  • Channels grouped by genres such as entertainment, sports, news,
    shopping, movies and family, making it easy for audiences to find their
    favorite programming.
  • An easy-to-use interactive programming guide that integrates HD
    programming, video-on-demand and the digital video recorder along with
    broadcast television into a seamless user experience.
  • A dual-tuner DVR that gives customers the freedom to pause and rewind
    live TV, record one show while watching another, and fast forward to
    their favorite part of the program — all without a VCR, tapes or DVDs.

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