Dave’s Holiday Cheer: Freebies!

One kind reader blessed me with a TiVo Rewards referral. I’ve taken that reward and cashed it in for 15 TiVo ornaments that I’d like to share with my readers. After all, it is the holiday season.

Comment on any post old or new 11/23 through 12/7 and you’ll be entered to win a few of these guys in a random drawing – at least three lucky people will be selected. While thoughtful comments are appreciated, there are no restrictions other than please keep the spam and profanity to a minimum. Though, you should let me know somewhere within the comment that you want to participate – I don’t want to contact someone without their permission, dig? The comment box lets you enter your email address which is kept private and will not be shared, so double-check it for typos before you submit.

If the winners choose to pose their little TiVo friends frolicking on a Christmas tree, Chanukah bush, or fruit cake I’ll gladly post any photos and links.

The recap…

  1. Comment on any post
  2. Indicate you want to be entered to win
  3. Leave email address so I can contact you

US addresses only.

22 thoughts on “Dave’s Holiday Cheer: Freebies!”

  1. I’ve recently started reading your site, but would love to get a TiVo ornament! And I think it’s one bit of tech gear my wife would actually let me display! (I’ve opened her eyes to how much easier watching tv can be over the past 5 1/2 years!)

  2. Dave,
    As you know I really enjoy reading your site. Keep up the great work. Oh yeah, I would like to be entered in the change to win a TiVo ornament!

  3. OMG Tivo Ornament. This will make my christmas tree complete. It is finally something my girlfriend will allow me to put on the christmas tree.

  4. Mmmm, TiVo goodness. I don’t have a Christmas tree, but he’d occupy the coveted spot next to my computer at work all year around.

  5. Learned about your blog via Boing-Boing, and I like what I see. Please, by all means, enter me in the drawing – I would love to have a chance at one of the Tivo ornaments!

    I’ve had an original Tivo for over 4 years, and a series 2 since early this year. My husband, who’s not really a tv watcher, recently put a spare TV and VCR we had in his home office – and he’s grumbling about not being able to select shows to watch the way I do on my Tivos! We may well become a 3-Tivo family soon…that would be one more Tivo brain than there are humans in the house!

    Happy Thanksgiving – I’m off now to tell Bloglines to subscribe to Zatz Not Funny!


  6. I don’t grace your actual site often – I read via subscription, good way to draw people in!
    And I’d love to get a chance at the ornament!

  7. Dear SantaDave,
    If I had a TiVo ornament, I would hug him and queeze him and call him George. And now I have a new favorite site.

  8. Great site. It’s nice to see pics with the news, and not just RSS feeds :)
    Count me in for a free ornament, my little tree at work needs a tivo guy!

  9. Your site realy helped me take advantage of the TTG features. Great, great information.
    I love to win one of the ornaments.

  10. Wow those little ornaments are the best! My 1 year old son loves TiVo guy, I have to get him one of those. Please enter me to win. Merry xmas!

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