Tivo’s New Beta, Hosted Apps

TiVo LogoTivo is beginning to test hosted Home Media Engine (HME) applications as described in this recent email correspondence. FYI I did not receive the email and I am not part of the Beta group.

Hi there!

Thanks for filling out the beta application at www.tivo.com, we appreciate your interest in TiVo’s Beta Programs!

When you received the latest software update from TiVo (sw version 7.2.0) recently you probably noticed the addition of the word “More” in the Menu Item “Music, Photos and More”! You may have been wondering what on the earth the “More” was going to be. Well….over the next few months we will be rolling out some interesting applications, but first we need your help! We need to “load test” the servers that will be hosting these new applications and we’d like you to help us do that. What’s “load testing”? It’s where we get you all to access some sample applications to see if you can break the servers!

PLEASE NOTE: You will NOT receive NEW software on your DVR if you sign up for this program. This program is ONLY to test the servers that will be hosting the new applications.

What do you need to participate?

* Be a regular user of the TiVo service
* Own one or more Series 2 DVRs that are hooked up via a Home Network to a Broadband Internet connectionPLEASE NOTE: this program is NOT available to Series 1 DVRs or DIRECTV DVRs with TiVo Service
* Have access to a computer at home to be able to receive and complete small homework assignments
* Available for testing until around the end of October
* Like playing games!!

So, if you’re saying “sign me up!” all that’s left to do is for you to complete the TiVo Beta Participant’s Agreement. And what on Earth is that? It’s a statement that says you do not work for the competition; that you are not a member of the press; that you really CAN keep a secret, i.e., you won’t tell anyone about the new features or communications resulting from the program; etc. It’s just what you’d expect from any beta program that allows you access to new features ahead of everyone else! But remember, it is a legally binding agreement, so please take it seriously.

TiVo Field Trials Group

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3 thoughts on “Tivo’s New Beta, Hosted Apps”

  1. Ok, sure, it looks like that message comes *before* you have to sign up and sign the NDA. But it isn’t really in the spirit of things for someone who gets the invite to post it. (And I know you’re not the one Dave.) While it is nice to know hosted HME apps are getting tested, still, it is unfortunate that people would out things after being picked.

  2. I disagree… I feel TiVo is doing a lousy job of promoting itself. They lost their VP of Marketing and their CFO… The stock is tanking (thanks to the street largely and to a scared media establishment.)

    As TiVo users and proponents we have a duty to get news like to out, since the PR people at TiVo have their tumbs up their a$$.

  3. I “outed” this email because i thought it was exciting. yes i had to sign an NDA but that was the risk i took because it’s been awhile since tivo has had some kind of good news. P.S. although the games are neat let’s hope they do something better with it.

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