Sony Updates PSP, VOD & TV

Location Free TVSony made good on their promise to provide LocationFree TV with today’s PSP 2.5 software upgrade. Streaming live television through the house to a PSP is mildly impressive… However, being able to use the Internet to provide a remote television feed (see Slingbox) is quite cool, indeed. What Sony neglected to mention is the cheapest LocationFree TV unit goes for $1100.

This update also provides support for those of us in America to eventually purchase and view video content – perhaps similar to the Japanese video portal. The timing of this announcement is quite coincidental (or not) to yesterday’s release of the video iPod with the ability to purchase downloadable television shows via iTunes.

Sony says: You can watch TV or videos on your PSP™ system by using the LocationFree™ Player. To watch TV or videos at home, you must have a LocationFree™ Base Station (a Sony product sold separately). To watch away from home, you must have a LocationFree™ Base Station (a Sony product sold separately) and access to the Internet using a wireless LAN.

Copyright-protected video can now be played under [Video]. Note that fees may be charged to obtain or use copyright-protected video. Downloadable copyright-protected video may not be available in all countries and regions.

PSP 2.5

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