Dish Network Partners With Nielsen

DishWith the proliferation of satellite TV and DVR services, tracking viewing trends has become more difficult and less precise. To collect more comprehensive data Nielsen announced a partnership with Dish Network today, in addition to their preexisting DirecTV/Tivo trial.

Dish says: EchoStar Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: DISH) and its DISH Network satellite TV service today announced that it has signed an agreement with Nielsen Media Research for national TV ratings service. Nielsen, the leading provider of television and audience measurement services, measures the viewing habits of TV homes including DISH Network’s estimated 11.4 million customers. The deal will allow DISH Network to use Nielsen Media Research data for marketing, programming and sales research purposes. DISH Network can use the data from Nielsen to guarantee advertisers a specific number of viewers for their advertisements.

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  1. i was writing about local stations that are no longer avalible.your locals go by a persons zip code…where we live our post office is 15 miles away.i got your locals before i moved half a mile away.people who live less than a mile away get your local broadcasts.i even had your service techs here and they couldn’t get reception with their equipment.why isn’t avaliability to these stations taken on a one on one order?there is even a city in new york [schenectady] that gets local stations!!i live in a very rural setting and would like to know when we can get our local stations over the sattelite.thank you very much…..bill wenzel

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