DirecTV and LG Embrace MPEG-4

DTVDirecTV and LG have announced a partnership to produce set-top boxes capable of decoding MPEG-4 HD broadcasts. As with the phasing out of analog TV, the conversion to MPEG-4 will most likely take some time – your current DTV hardware is safe… for now. Additionally, these new Linux-based LG boxes will support pre-existing MPEG-2 and standard definition broadcasts.

LG says: LG Electronics, Inc. has begun production of set-top boxes for use in DIRECTV’s MPEG-4 HD satellite broadcasts. “Consumer demand for HD is exploding, and DIRECTV is ushering in a new era in satellite delivery of HD content using a powerful new broadcasting technology, MPEG-4,” said Romulo Pontual, executive vice president and chief technology officer, DIRECTV, Inc. “This will enable us to greatly enhance our customers’ viewing experience by offering the widest array of HD programming available.”

2 thoughts on “DirecTV and LG Embrace MPEG-4”

  1. Interesting that this is LG and not NDS, after all the pimping of NDS as their new vendor. I wonder what software will be used on these untis – LG? NDS? UCentric? (UCentric did the software for the media server system DTV was showing at CES2005.)

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