Creative Zen Vision, The Rumors Are True

Which rumors you ask… support for every codec ever invented, well organized interface, pocketable form factor, FM, compact flash? No that other rumor, the one about the screen.

Having played with the Zen Vision(s) over the last few days, I am sad to report the display rumors are true – the viewing angle is crap. I’m not sure what causes the problem, whether it’s the LCD elements, protective coating, or something else. Regardless, the Vision’s specs are great across the board but having to use the device under low light while holding it at a very specific angle is a deal breaker.

The good news is that the Roboraptor, my other must-have gadget of the year, does live up to expectations and will be joining my household shortly.

Zen Visions

2 thoughts on “Creative Zen Vision, The Rumors Are True”

  1. I beg to differ, i have used this pvp for over a week now and i love the screen. Its angle isnt the best but i dont really plan on having more than 2 ppl watch at one time. Its only bad from the far right. The vision is bright as hell. I only view it at 30% but when you crank it up to 100%, man its insane. The battery is ok, and the unit is also super lightweight. Sound quality rocks too. For now theres only 2 backgrounds in the player to choose from but im hoping they will make it so you can put your pics in the back or at least some new backgrounds.

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