HotSeat Personal Movie & Gaming Station

It’ll set you back about 800 bucks, but if you’re looking for a high-grade aluminum movie and gaming rig with surround sound on a racing chassis they’ve got you covered. Not to mention you’ll have a variety of seat covers and paint colors to choose from.


HotSeat says: Storming gaming rooms nationwide, HotSeat SOLO®, HotSeat RACER® and HotSeat PC GAMER® deliver incredibly realistic gaming experiences by combining comfortable, adjustable seating with integrated hi-fidelity surround sound. Experience highly articulate sound with crisp highs, inspiring midrange and deep, solid bass. All HotSeats are capable of playing at ear splittingly loud volumes while producing emersive surround sound in your gaming and movie tracks.

6 thoughts on “HotSeat Personal Movie & Gaming Station”

  1. No arm rests? R u trying to get me RSI? Also: WAY to little space to mouse around and no place to rest my wrist when typing. That sjit definitely aint worth the 800 bucks!

  2. Guys, this isn’t PVC – those pipes are roll bar gauge Steel. I work for HotSeat and I can tell you that PVC would never support the weight. It also comes pre-wired with Dolby Surround and the wires are hidden inside the chassis. The tables move up and down and the seat adjusts forward and back. It’s a comfortable place to game and it’s much, much more comfortable than sitting at a desk.

  3. I was interested until I realized that it couldnt possibly be comfortable with no place to rest your arm while using the mouse.

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