RCN Now Leasing TiVo Roamio as "T6" … for $45/Mo

Dave Zatz —  May 15, 2014


RCN has hopped onto the TiVo Roamio bandwagon and is now the leasing 6-tuner DVR under less Shakespearean “T6” branding … for a whopping $45 a month. Given existing Premiere Elite “Q” $30 pricing, in light of the additional two tuners, increased recording capacity, and built-in iOS streaming, we suppose RCN had to go there. But the break-even point on a retail TiVo purchase versus rolling with a rental is seriously improved in this scenario. (Thanks Sam!)

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12 responses to RCN Now Leasing TiVo Roamio as "T6" … for $45/Mo

  1. $45 a month. What a deal! Sounds like a steal at $540 per year. Lol

  2. I don’t recall the exact price that TiVo was charging for the separate TiVo Stream box per month but that needs to be considered. I suspect that some RCN HHs were paying $40/mo for the Premiere Q + TiVo Stream so the T6 is essentially $5 more per month. At some point, I suspect that RCN will drop the Premiere-Q and the TiVo Preview and go with T6, Mini, and Hybrid DTA as their main offering.

  3. Its also probably worth mentioning that additional TiVo boxes are $5.00/mo on the T6 bundle versus $9.95/mo on the Premiere Q bundle.

  4. Yeah $5/mo for a TiVo Mini ain’t so bad. T6’s baked in streaming only helps a subset of customers tho, given an iOS-only design. At least RCN is very clear in their pricing and communication – it’s next to impossible to compare this to Verizon’s FiOS TV Quantum DVR, which has some kind of “room” fee, for example.

  5. “Yeah $5/mo for a TiVo Mini ain’t so bad.”

    True. But the pricing still proves out P.T. Barnum’s adage.

    (I had no idea they were charging $30/month for the Premiere. Pretty crazy.)

  6. “it’s next to impossible to compare this to Verizon’s FiOS TV Quantum DVR which has some kind of “room” fee for example.”

    Back to basic Quantum™ mechanics. If you measure the number of rooms you need service in, physics says the price must be uncertain. And vice versa.

  7. At least in the Boston market, the quad tuner Premiere box appears to be $20 a month, not $30. I don’t see a standalone option for the T6 in their shopping engine yet, though.

  8. Another reason to hate cable. They make it SO EASY!

  9. HOLY CRAP!!!!! $45?!?!?!

  10. “HOLY CRAP!!!!! $45?!?!?!”

    Remember: that’s per month, not per day. It’d be kinda crazy at $45 per day…

  11. “HOLY CRAP!!!!! $45?!?!?!”

    Don’t think about it like that. Think about it as only $540 per year. It’s a screamin bargain!

  12. It’s definitely very expensive but not much more than Fios’ new VMS offering.

    For a 2 room setup the Fios VMS is $42 vs. $50 for the Tivo from RCN.
    For a 4 room setup the Fios VMS is $57 vs. $60 for the Tivo from RCN.

    Now I think both products are overpriced but it’s not as egregious when you factor in the cheap Minis they offer.