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harmony880.jpgDell has the Harmony 880icon for only $109, shipped free. If you’ve been sitting on the fence and/or waiting for a bargain, you’re not going to do better than this! The 880 retails for $249, but coupon code LWLCHHGG9Q7C9W gets you a $120 discount. Additionally, Logitech is offering a $20 mail-in rebate. The offer is good until tomorrow AM or until they sell 3000 remotes.

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sdusb.jpgI can’t say I’ve picked up much amazing or inspiring technology in the last few months. However, when jkOnTheRun mentioned SanDisk has temporarily dropped prices on the convertible SD -> USB card, I needed in!

Of the various computers I use regularly, none have card readers… meaning I either have to drag one with me or make sure I have the correct USB cables present for my devices. This little guy is a clever convenience who works as advertised — I probably should have picked one up earlier. I do have concerns I might snap him at some point, but the guys at work disagree. Time will tell.

Sadly the “deal” was 5/20 – 5/24, when I picked up the 1GB card from Amazon for about $46. had it for a low $39, but that involved rebate hassles. If you too feel compelled, the price is still a reasonable $56.

For those of you on the fence regarding Amazon Prime, the $79 two-day shipping plan, let me tell you half my purchases arrive overnight (such as this card).

MovieBeam, originally priced at $249 plus $30 activation, dropped to $199 without an activation fee about a month into sales. As I wrote, that price still struck me as barrier to entry given the per-movie rental fees. Well, how does 49 bucks sound? MovieBeam’s online media account manager sent me a note to spread the word about a blog & forum special — just enter code PR49B at checkout to get this deeply discounted rate! At $49 a pop I can see them selling enough units to reach a critical mass, perhaps allowing them to recoup infrastructure investments and hardware costs through movie rentals.

Before pulling the trigger, you might want to review this… “Please confirm that you have a land-line phone before you purchase the MovieBeam Player. Sorry, the MovieBeam Player cannot connect to mobile or Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phones at this time.” Ben over at HD Beat did get the unit working on Vonage, but your mileage may vary. Also be aware MB is not available in all areas (remember, local stations “beam” the movies), but their online address widget will quickly let you know if you qualify.

I’m in! :)

Alex over at TiVoBlog discovered the TiVo-branded wireless adapter selling at for $44.99 with free shipping. Dell is coming in at a low 39.95, but they’re charging shipping (this week) for orders under $50. Amazon and have the adapter in stock at the $49.99 list price. If you have an impulse control problem and need the adapter now, your local Best Buy and CompUSA should have inventory. Yes, this will work with your new dual tuning TiVo!

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Deal O’ The Day: Slingbox

Dave Zatz —  April 4, 2006

Today is the first time I’ve seen the Slingbox for under $199! (Retail is $249.) Dell has it for only $179 with free shipping by applying this $70 off coupon code: 7S35$VG845N79N.

UPDATE: Expired.

Dave’s Deal Of The Day

Dave Zatz —  December 28, 2005

OK so I don’t have “deals of the day” on my site, but every now and then I do come across a bargain on some sort of gadget which needs to be shared.

Walmart has been selling the Garmin i2 under $200 this holiday season and they’re back in stock today. CNET and Amazon reviewers seem to dig it. GPS with audio for under 2 bills… how can you go wrong! In other words, I just got my order in — what are you waiting for?