Vevo Music Videos Land On TiVo

Dave Zatz —  December 11, 2016 — 10 Comments

Many years after the Music Choice app was retired from TiVo retail boxes, Vevo has finally arrived to meet that acoustic demand. I’ve long been a fan of Vevo as the modern day equivalent of MTV (the one that played music videos). So this represents a meaningful app addition — despite prior silliness involving some sort of TiVo C&D once sent Vevo’s way, due to not-really brand name similarities, and a number of MIA tent pole OTA cord cutting apps, such as Sling TV and HBO NOW.

As that’s my Roamio photographed above, I assume Roamio, Bolt, and TiVo Mini models will all receive access. Although given the radio silence from TiVo and Vevo along with my Minis not currently having access, I also assume someone flipped the switch a little early. Oops? Let us know which platforms you see Vevo on, give it a go, and tell us what you think. Tip: Upon opening the app, you’ll be prompted to activate it from a registered Vevo account:

10 responses to Vevo Music Videos Land On TiVo

  1. Just another datapoint: Showed up my on Roamio.

  2. I’m seeing it here on my Bolt.

  3. “a number of MIA tent pole OTA cord cutting apps, such as Sling TV and HBO NOW.”

    Why mention those while omitting America’s single most popular streaming service, FilmStruck?

  4. Nice addition to my Roamion I didn’t know I’d want. Quickly signed up and watched AC/DC and GnR videos made me long for the 80’s

  5. I’m not yet seeing it on my Roamio Pro in the SF Bay Area.

  6. On my Roamio & Bolt, but not the Premiere. I agree nice addition.

  7. The PQ isn’t very good compared to apps on Apple TV, Roku, etc. It appears to be limited to SD.

  8. Dave, any news on a new Epix app for TiVo? A couple folks over on TCF reported seeing it in their units earlier this month. Maybe it was an early leak? It’s not on my Roamio yet, though VEVO (a nice addition in itself) is. Still waiting for Showtime and HBO Now, although at this point I’d rather have them for WebOS on my new LG OLED TV.

  9. Two items for you, Chucky —

    1) Received an inquiry from a company launching a content network and they want “Chuck” as a contributor. Mazel?
    2) Check out the new icon in the upper right and go crazy.

    Tim, I can confirm an EPIX app is most definitely on the roadmap, but I don’t have any further details.

  10. “Received an inquiry from a company launching a content network and they want “Chuck” as a contributor. Mazel?”

    Did you tell them my rate was $600/hour?

    “Check out the new icon in the upper right and go crazy.”

    Most excellent. I hope those crazy $120,000 humongous TV’s are still being sold. Do more coverage on America’s number one streaming service, FilmStruck, and I’ll even buy two!

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