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Fellow tech enthusiast and DC neighbor Joel Ward jumps back into his role as a Features contributor here at Zatz Not Funny. Beyond ZNF, Joel can be found at Joelsef Explains It All and @joelsef on Twitter.

I recently picked up a new Sony TV with Android TV for our living room. This television replaced a Sony LCD HDTV from the late 2000s. That set hails from an era when the majority of TVs were dumb — no built-in apps that today’s smart TVs feature. But I increased its intelligence by first adding a Windows Media Center PC back in 2009, then experimenting with Google TV, Boxee, Chromecast, and ultimately settling on Roku 3 as our over-the-top streamer.


We arrive in 2016 and it’s nearly impossible to find a decent television over 30″ without some sort of “smart” designation and apps aplenty. That’s why I decided to go with a Sony this time around. The last time we refreshed a TV (for a different room, back in 2013) we went with a Samsung and its Samsung Smart Hub. In the three years we’ve had that TV, Samsung has pared down the 2013 TV’s UI to the very basics and removed many of the original features. It still has apps, including Netflix and HBO, but it’s nothing like what Roku offers.

Our new Sony X800D series runs Android TV and Sony has Android TV across most of its television line now. Besides the Nvidia Shield and now defunct Google Nexus Player, Sony is the biggest player in Android TV at the moment, although Sharp and Philips have options as well.


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No Flip Zone

Dave Zatz —  June 18, 2008

One of Dash‘s welcoming gadget gifts was the Flip Ultra (~$150). Mari’s been a fan for months, but I’ve had my doubts… The last couple years, I’ve simply shot (poor quality) video with my relatively ancient pocketable digital camera (Panasonic Lumix FX9) – as Michael Arrington suggests. Both the Flip and the Lumix shoot 30fps at 640×480, though the Flip kindly incorporates a USB connector, onboard storage, and basic video editing software.

However, if I’m upgrading my video recording capabilities I need the ability to focus up close – something the Flip proved it was incapable of when I captured the iPhone SlingPlayer. So I’ve replaced my Flip with a low-end Sony Handycam (DCR-HC52) for ~50% more money, 40x more zoom, and at least 100% more clutter – bulkier unit plus tapes and cables. The Flip seems to be a great solution for many, and despite it’s toy-like appearance I wanted it to work out since I travel light. But it wasn’t meant to be…

My latest video project, including tight focus with readable screen text at the 30 second mark: