Akimbo Reborn (Yawn)

A quick refresher… Akimbo produced set-top boxes that allowed one to subscribe to a basic tier of Internet-delivered content on demand, in addition to upselling premium content. Oh yeah, the boxes had upfront hardware fees too. Basically, to get the good stuff you had to pay three times. And obviously that business model didn’t work … Read more

The Akimbo Post-Mortem

After Akimbo announced that they’re killing the RCA hardware line, I got in touch with my PR rep. We agreed there wouldn’t be much point in a review of the device now, though the GUI may be similar to what they license to other manufacturers/services. She suggested I recycle the box… and as we all … Read more

Akimbo Killing Hardware?

Om Malek reports that Akimbo will be killing their hardware line and that current customers will given three months of free service before it’s turned off. Guess what I won’t bother reviewing this month (see above). In lieu of set-top box services, Akimbo will focus on their software and web products going forward. Akimbo has … Read more

Akimbo In The House

At a CES sideshow (PEPCOM) I met Akimbo CEO Josh Goldman. Basically our conversation went something like this, “So what do you think?” “I’ll let you know when you send me a review unit!” And look what arrived this week… In Vegas, I learned these guys are totally out of the hardware business: The new … Read more

Akimbo’s Still Got Life

The Akimbo story isn’t over yet… As Om Malik reported yesterday, Akimbo has picked up $15 million dollars from a variety of investors including Cisco and AT&T. Not so coincidentally, Akimbo will be providing content downloads for AT&T’s upcoming Homezone service. While Akimbo’s hardware revision has been pushed to the fall, PC Magazine just published … Read more

Akimbo’s Not Dead Yet, To Offer Movielink VOD

Well my prediction that Akimbo would leave the hardware market in 2006 has proven false, and it’s only the fourth day of the year! A new RCA-produced box running Akimbo software will debut at $199 this spring. Unlike the existing box, a video-on-demand (VOD) library of current releases will be offered by broadband service Movielink. … Read more

Akimbo’s New Lease On Life

Akimbo, the broadband video download company, has a problem which takes the form of a set-top box. See, I’m all boxed out… between DVD players, TiVo’s, HD tuner, and even an Xbox I just won’t add to the clutter. Not to mention I’m reluctant to buy a box from a fledgling company with no track … Read more

Sezmi Joins The Deadpool

We’ve covered the Sezmi television solution for some time. But, alas, they’ll now be joining the likes of Akimbo, ZillionTV, and Moviebeam in the deadpool. From Sezmi’s recent customer outreach: We regret to inform you that Sezmi is discontinuing its consumer service. As of Monday, September 26, 2011, you will no longer be able to … Read more