Showtime Streaming To Output Surround Sound “Very Soon”

While I’ve been a fan of Showtime, often preferring their original content to HBO’s, my primary ding against the Showtime Anytime streaming service has been stereo sound. With the launch of Showtime’s new Internet streaming service this week, that does not require a cable subscription, I reached out to Showtime’s PR team. And the good new is that … Read more

Hulu To Bundle Showtime; Unsupported On TiVo

In addition to shortly launching a stand-alone service, akin to HBO NOW, Showtime has entered into an fascinating partnership with Hulu. This July, Hulu brings you a new way to get SHOWTIME. Get up to 30 days free of SHOWTIME with a Hulu subscription and see what you’ve been missing! After your trial, you’ll get SHOWTIME for … Read more

Movies for Android offers Reviews, Showtimes, Trailers, More

It’s not that hard to open up the web browser on a mobile phone and find movie reviews or showtimes. But it’s a heck of a lot easier to use a dedicated app like Movies from Flixter sometimes. This free Android app will show you the latest movies that are at the top of the … Read more

Showtime Apps are Everywhere

With the Showtime EBIF app already raking in dough on TV sets across the country, the cable network has decided to go mobile. Showtime launched its own iPhone app this week complete with teaser episodes, video extras, and broadcast schedules. Given that the EBIF version may not be available in your area, the iPhone application … Read more

Showtime Offering Mobile Video

Part advertising, part entertainment, Showtime has launched a web destination specific to mobile devices. They’re offering up Showtime programming info and video clips. While the site ( seems a bit half-baked at the moment and not all phones will play .3gp files, this is worth keeping an eye on. Hey, it’s free! (Assuming you have … Read more

Showtime Introduces Middle East To DVRs

It’s easy to forget that technology I find commonplace doesn’t exist yet in many regions. That’s why the announcement of Showtime being first to offer DVRs in the Middle East caught my eye this morning. No word yet on what’s powering their box, but I’ll keep my eyes open. AME Info says: Showtime, a leading … Read more

Apple Reinvents Amazon Video, Intends To Replace Your Roku Interface*

Given Apple’s prior Apple TV app moves, such as cable single sign on, it comes as no surprise that the company would continue efforts aggregating content from disparate sources for a better user experience. And, as announced this week, what benefits us will presumably also benefit them given plans to allow in-app subscriptions and associated … Read more