Dave’s Apple WWDC Wishlist Scorecard

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is underway. And we’re collectively still sifting through so many software enhancements across multiple platforms. But down here in the weeds, my wishlist has remained consistent … although, perhaps misguided, as some believe I’m holding it wrong. Maybe I am. My WWDC wishlist scorecard iPad Desktop Browser ✔️iPad Mouse … Read more

Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music Goes Mobile With Verizon LTE

Garmin is poised to take the Vivoactive 3 Music fitness watch, introduced last summer, to the next level with Verizon LTE. According to the FCC-published user manual, you’ll be able to connect to Verizon for data transfer and text messaging. Data transfer is a nice addition for those that want to sideload music without having to … Read more

AT&T Power Drum Wirelessly Charges Apple Watch & iPhone

While Apple continues to drag its feet on the wireless Airpower charging pad, others have filled the void. And next up is the clever, multipurpose AT&T Power Drum that I inadvertently discovered today while trawling the FCC and confirmed with the Qi Wireless Power Consortium. The compact $100 accessory simultaneously, wirelessly charges Apple Watch and iPhone, up to … Read more

Fitbit Preps Alta Successors?

A pair of Fitbit devices just passed thru the FCC. And, given aggressive $90 Versa pricing today, my first thought was a quick refresh of the company’s relatively new smart watch. However, with ‘activity tracker’ verbiage and narrow “e-label” screens, a revamp or replacement of the Fitbit Alta line seems way more likely. From limited … Read more

Amazon Echo Auto Now Shipping!

Tipster Susan H shouldn’t have been doubted… as a small number of lucky folks did indeed receive Echo Auto invites. And orders have started arriving! Not much yet in the way of commentary, but Tod Kuntzelman has posted some nice pictures while we await more well-formed initial thoughts, including the requisite Roav Viva comparisons — given experiences … Read more

IKEA Preps His & Hers Qi Charging Stand

As we anxiously await the Kadrilj and Fyrtur IKEA smart blinds, we learn the company will be expanding the NORDMÄRKE line of Qi chargers to include a double-wide wireless charging stand (of unknown power) to simultaneously juice up multiple smartphones. Ikea was something of an early leader in wireless charging, having introduced a variety of furniture back in 2015 … Read more

Amazon Echo Auto Invites Are Here

While it had appeared that Echo Auto might have been delayed until 2019, possibly in relation to upcoming location services and new auto skills, golden tickets may have started going out … as ZNF tipster Susan H has reported receiving one. And Amazon is certainly adding fuel to the fire that the flood gates are about to open, having … Read more

Amazon Lowers Echo Auto Expectations

As discovered by AFTVNews, a number of updates have been made to the Alexa-powered Echo Auto product page to recalibrate expectations. Most notable is a list of incompatible Android devices plus what looks to be a delay in navigation capabilities: Ask for directions and Alexa connects to supported apps like Google Maps. Apple Maps and Waze support … Read more