Anker Preps Nebula Gaming Controller

By way of the FCC, we learn that Anker is prepping a Nebula-branded gaming controller to be used with their Android TV-based Nebula Capsule 2 projector (duh) in addition to any number of iOS and Android devices. The gamepad appears to be a fairly standard affair with dual analog sticks, charged via microUSB. However, the … Read more

Bring On The Nintendo Switch Mini

After months of Nintendo Switch “Mini” rumors, the chatter has hit something of a crescendo this week with an updated report from the WSJ, declaring two new portable consoles may hit as early as this summer — one Pro and one Mini. In the short time I owned a Switch, I only docked the gaming … Read more

Apple Arcade To Salvage Mobile Gaming

Amongst yesterday’s underwhelming Apple announcements, and parade of celebrities, comes a ray of light. Because mobile gaming, on anything but the Nintendo Switch, is often a disaster. In fact, I’ve largely given up on iOS gaming – for both myself and my daughter. As oh-so-many games are riddled with disruptive advertisements and continual upsells. Enter: … Read more

The PS4 Afterglow Wireless Headset Giveaway

A former colleague shipped me his company’s highly regarded Playstation 4 Afterglow wireless headset to check out. Unfortunately, as an owner of the far superior Xbox One (heh heh), I’m unable to partake – and we decided to share the love. From the (after)glowing review on KSTP: PDP’s Afterglow wireless headset for the PS4 is awesome. I liked everything … Read more

Xbox One To Receive Makeover, Courtesy Windows 10

Amongst the predictable onslaught of rehashed new games out of E3, comes word that the Xbox One is set to receive a significant makeover – courtesy new Windows 10 underpinnings. And it really can’t arrive soon enough as I find the current interface unwieldy and disorienting. Granted, I am middle-aged and perhaps my synapses don’t fire as fast … Read more

Sony PSN Still Down; How To Check Status

A massive influx of new Christmas gamers coupled with a denial of service attack brought both the Playstation Network and Xbox Live to their knees yesterday. While Microsoft appears to have partially recovered, Sony is still sucking wind – with no ETA on restoring service. And, beyond the consoles, many games themselves are down with back-end problems.

For real-time updates on your specific console and game, hit these links:

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Is There Room For Playstation TV? (Best Buy Doesn't Think So)


Amongst the various E3 gaming convention announcements is news that Sony intends to bring PlayStation TV to US shores this fall. Introduced in 2013 as PlayStation Vita TV (review), Sony appropriately drops “Vita” branding given its generally poor mobile market reception and the PSTV’s broader capabilities. Part TV streamer, that will surely replace Sony’s unsuccessful line of Roku competitors, and gaming system, PSTV will be priced at Fire TV equivalency: $100 for the base system, add $40 if you’d prefer the gaming controller upsell.

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