Amazon’s Upcoming Ring Car Cam Detailed In Video

With Ring Car Alarm seemingly poised to launch, I began reinvestigating the status of Amazon’s automative companion… and have compiled several months of Ring Car Cam clues suggesting, that it too, is headed towards release.

Up top, you’ll see I acquired a newer and higher resolution Ring Car Cam image since the last time I unpacked Ring’s iOS app. I’ve also assembled several Ring Car Cam animations that Steve Moser uncovered as a YouTube video. Beyond that, we have the more mundane FCC filing and Bluetooth certification evidence to go by. The more interesting paperwork has AT&T identifying this as an Amazon Lab126 certified IoT device — which makes sense given an expected “Ring Protect Go” LTE plan to enable mobile video cloud recording.

From the expanded imagery, not only are windshield mounting details clarified, it’s seemingly confirmed that the Ring Car Cam includes both an outwards-facing camera and an interior camera. But, as shown in the video, Ring does provide a physical shutter cover for in-car privacy. Presumably, Ring would also take that as a sign to disable audio recording — although I expect mic(s) would remain active for input, awaiting the Alexa wake word for voice control. Interestingly, the Ring Car Cam appears to connect through an ODB-II port. Seems reasonable to assume that could be the Ring Car Alarm itself. But will there also be USB or lighter outlet adapter option made available?

Additional capabilities, as outlined in the original press release, way back when:

If an event is detected, Ring Car Cam sends a real-time alert to the user’s phone; they can then check in and see what is happening in and around the vehicle via the Ring app over wifi or from anywhere via LTE (with an optional connectivity plan). While on the road, the Ring Car Cam also helps users stay safe with Emergency Crash Assist, which requests help from first responders at the car’s location whenever a serious crash is detected, even if the user can’t make the call themselves.

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