A Fitbit Ring Could Monitor Oxygen Saturation

By way of the USPTO, we learn Fitbit has been exploring the idea of a ring-style wearable since 2019. However, unlike the highly capable (and high priced) Oura ring, one possible Fitbit ring concept is limited to SpO2 monitoring … with blood oxygen saturation data being synced to one’s phone or yet another wearable, as shown below.

Disclosed herein is a ring-shaped wearable device for detecting biometrics with a light source and a photodetector directed towards a digit wearing the ring-shaped device. The ring can thus detect oxygen saturation of a wearer based on light transmitted through the wearer’s finger. The ring can include power saving measures to extend the battery life. A motion sensor can help determine opportune moments for data collection such as when the wearer is still. The motion sensor can be used to remove noise from the data caused by motion. After data is collected or during data collection, the ring can wirelessly communicate the data to another portable electronic device such as a phone or watch.

As with all such patents and patent applications, the Google-owned wearable pioneer may or may not move forward with the referenced product or design. Given Fitbit’s newer hardware, with expanded sensor range, a single function ring could be outmoded. However, I can imagine space in the market for a more economical Oura, that doesn’t require a paired Fitbit wrist wearable.