Roku Greets Former Quibi Subscribers (with legalese)

Having acquired the rights to Quibi’s subscriber list (and most content), Roku has made first contact. With a suggestion users review their privacy policy, which was lasted updated in 2020.


Quibi has recently become part of Roku. As a result, your account information will now be governed by the Roku Privacy Policy. Please familiarize yourself with the new terms.

Thank you!

Beyond ingesting a large list of folks to pitch products and services, as TiVo did with Aereo, Quibi’s snackable shows will find themselves (monetized) within The Roku Channel later this year. While we may never know the cost or long term value of this play, it’s a fascinating move given my assumption there will be no follow-on seasons. Not to mention a golden arm doesn’t begin to approach The Office level of reruns.

(Thanks for the image Seth L!)