Tablo Upgrades DVR Commercial Skip

If ya wanna skip television commercials, truly skip, not just fast forward, you’re going to need to host your own DVR — like Channels, TiVo, or Tablo — because there’s no way your cable company nor your online streaming provider is going to allow this. Sadly, the feature is often hit or miss due to a variety of technological challenges (and/or limited human involvement). As such, “Project Sweetums” has just enabled a variety of notable enhancements to Tablo’s ad-skipping service:

  • Increased Accuracy for Commercial Detection
    • Detection of ‘end of program’ content
    • Detection on recordings with mild broadcast errors
    • Detection of ‘sandwiched’ content
    • Customized detection for popular programs
    • Identification of unique program/commercial formats
  • News Now Eligible for Automatic Commercial Skip Processing

Given the additional commercial skip fee ($2/mo), it’s reassuring to see the company continue to crank away on the server functionality. But, perhaps future Tablo hardware will enough horsepower to process comskip locally.

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  • Yawn.... Plex has been skipping commercials from the outset and there is no monthly fee. If you are feeling adventurous, you can even tweak the variables it's using to detect commercials, which at this point is incredibly good.

  • Well, could be somewhat differing audiences. Plex and Channels are more roll your own, vs Tablo. Do you still need Plex Pass for DVR? (which I have) I feel like it's free now, but was seeing some contradictory info on their site the other day.

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Dave Zatz