Wyze Person Detection Returns! (for some)

After Wyze accepted (or wrote) perhaps the worst contract ever and lost their license to impressive, local person detection, without much lead time, they’ve been cranking away on a home-built replacement.

Given the publicly available beta app, that outted the Wyze Band, you too may be able to take the new solution for a whirl (on Android). After sideloading this Wyze APK, I discovered my account is one that’s been flagged for early access person detection…. and I’m not the only one. From Wyze:

Added support for Cloud AI Person Detection (available only to a portion of testers but we will add more testers as we can). The entire 2.9 test cycle will be a beta testing phase for cloud-based person detection. Wyze will gradually roll out the person detection to specific users. This is to ensure that our servers can handle the additional load. Please be patient with us!

As you can see from the above release notes, person detection has moved from the Wyzecam onto Wyze servers… which may or may not change your feelings on privacy implications. However, by also unloading that computational task to the cloud, all generations of Wyzecam will now get to utilize the feature.

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