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The Best Of CES Smart Home

CES is a humungo show and I surely didn’t catch all the announcements, but here are a handful new smart home products that caught my eye.

Ring Solar Path Lighting, April, $40

Ring looks to massively improve upon their connected pathlights, that I currently value, by swapping out four D batteries per stick with solar+USB charging, yet retaining high lumens and inverting the reflector so as to be less blinding. Hopefully they’ve also tweaked the motion sensitivity as mine illuminate with even often distance motion.

Kwikset Halo Touch Smart Lock, 2020, $250

Instead of punching in a numeric code, fumbling with an app, or relying Bluetooth proximity of questionable security (Kevo), the Halo Touch provides efficient access to your home via fingerprint reader and easily keyed to match your existed locks with Kwitset’s smart key tech. It comes in a couple of finishes and styles — my home would probably be best served by the ‘traditional’ in bronze and hope the green lighting only appaers on scan. Honorable mention goes to the refreshed August Smark Lock retrofit kit which is no longer comically large, just large, and adds native WiFi connectivity.

Kohler Moxie Alexa Showerhead, 2020, $230

It seems pricey and probably requires more care and feeding than I’d like, in periodic charging and wipe downs, but man I’d love this Alexa speaker — an elegant package that places the mics and speaker exactly where we can hear one another within the noisy, enclosed shower vs screaming at the counter speaker that I can barely hear.

What else looks good?

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  • SMH. I still can't believe that it costs a fortune to connect my existing stereo system to my network. Chromecast Audio was cheap ($30), then discontinued, leaving us with Sonos' incredible expensive Port ($450).

    They still don't get it. We don't want colored light shows. We don't want finer pixels. We don't want Big Google and Big Amazon listening/watching us. We want the lives we have to me more efficient. It's been over 3 years since there was anything at CES that I saw as an improvement to my current life.

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