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Samsung Takes On Nest With SmartThings Camera

As a brand spanking new indoor Nest camera passes through the FCC, a tipster has provided imagery of an upcoming Samsung video cam. And, unlike prior generations, they’re going with “SmartThings” branding. However, this smart home space is increasingly crowded with great options – from upper echelon connected cams, like Arlo and Nest, on one end of the spectrum to Wyze, the feisty upstart with highly capable products that belies its low price point, on the other. I assume we’ll see a much deeper integration into the SmartThings ecosystem but, beyond that, I wonder what else could be compelling enough to steer folks in Samsung’s direction.

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  • Any word on release date? I want a cheap camera like the Samsung SmartCam but they're basically only available refurbished.

  • So I am assuming this will be a Z Wave protocol? If they really wanted to mess with Nest it would be a WI FI camera.

    • I doubt it. They’d probably want it to work beyond the SmartThings hub to be sustainable, which means WiFi like Samsung’s prior cameras.

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