Ring HomeKit Support Nearly Here

Ring announced DoorBell Pro HomeKit support way back in June 2016. And, over the years, the company has continually stated that they have been eagerly waiting to release HomeKit compatibility (us, too). Anyone who’s followed the Ring account on Twitter has been greeted with the following response time and time again.

Despite the same repeated PR spin, there looks to be some actual movement on the Ring HomeKit front as @mrdanielfeo spotted two new entries in Apple MFI program, specifically the Ring Doorbell Pro and Spotlight Cam. Apple recently removed the restriction of needing a physical security chip for HomeKit products and now allows for software based authentication. In doing so, Apple’s hope is to speed up HomeKit adoption without requiring companies invest in new and pricier hardware.

Having Ring HomeKit compatibility for the doorbell and spot light would allow for not only motion detection to kick off automations, but also allow iOS users to bypass the Ring app and answer their doorbell directly from the Home app.

With WWDC just around the corner, could all the Neighbors’ HomeKit dreams finally come true?

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