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Ecobee On Sale For Just $66.50

Target is running an amazing ecobee sale today.

ecobee has long been my preferred smart thermostat, besting Nest in a number of categories such as remote sensor integration. As such, I’d recommend the ecobee4 for all of $100… with bundled room sensor. At this price, ecobee4 is a great deal and at least half off given a fluctuating MSRP of $200 – $250. The ecobee 3 Lite 2.0 is also on sale for a low $66.50. Basically the Lite drops native Alexa speaker and mics, of questionable value within a thermostat, but loses the sensor. If you have a small space and wouldn’t benefit from the sensor, this is perfect. But, if you’re thinking two sensors might be appropriate for your home, the Lite could ultimately be a better deal by picking it up alongside a sensor two-pack for $78.

You really can’t go wrong with any scenario here, especially if you have a REDcard for an additional 5% discount. Although a new ecobee is likely weeks away…

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  • This is great - I think the Target model + the Amazon with two sensors is a good combo, with one sensor per unit for dual-zone homes...

    Looks like Smartthings supports this. Does anyone here have that integrated and like it? I want something to turn up the temp when the home is empty, based upon other sensors like doors, etc.

  • I know this probably won't help the vast majority of people here, but MASS residents can normally get the latest model for $50 every Black Friday through which is the MA green energy initiative. It combines both Nest and ecobee's Black Friday deal with their own deal. I got 2 ecobee 4 units 2 years ago for that price to replace my old ecobee3 and Nest.

  • My two nearby targets only had one 3, and one 4 on clearance for $175. Let me know if anyone wants that Alexa one.

    I opted for the single Lite 2.0 model 3, and will pick up a second one for that second zone 2 in the future. Michael, did you keep your 3 or sell it yet, and would it match the 2.0?

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