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AirTV Mini Does What Nvidia Shield TV Hasn’t

Beyond dropping the dime on AirTV 2, SatelliteGuys.US has also uncovered the upcoming AirTV Mini. This Android-powered 4K dongle will replace the original AirTV Player, coming in at a lower price ($80) and more compact presentation. DISH’s timing is ideal, as access to an authentic, affordable Android TV stick with full Google Assistant and Google Play capabilities is long overdue… in a form factor that Nvidia continues to ignore and an experience that Amazon can’t provide via Fire TV. As a DISH product, the AirTV Mini can boot directly into Sling TV, but also has access to all the apps we know and love. Sadly, the company has dropped the USB port — meaning there will be no external OTA tuner or DVR drive capabilities. AirTV Mini will be available in June.

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  • What a stupid click-bait title.
    What does it do? It's smaller. That's not even DOING something... That's BEING something.

    • DISH is doing something Nvidia has yet to, despite their qualifications, in introducing a sub-$100 Android TV streamer in a package the competes with Roku and Fire TV Sticks. The market is hurting for that and frankly the Android TV platform needs it as well. Even Google indicates Chromecast is on the downswing.

      Please look around the site. We always keep it real. And I've bemoaned the lack of a Shield TV Stick well before this news hit. If we were going after cheap clickbait, Tesla and PS4 hot takes would surely drive more traffic than niche streamers (although we obviously love this niche.)

  • Lol. Sounds like crap compared to the Shield too, so have fun saving a few dollars.

    • Sure, a stick/dongle form factor won’t have the same capabilities as a larger, more powerful box. But we need to think big picture. Android TV would benefit from a broader footprint. Cheaper products are how you grow. Even if you own a Shield, there are often multiple TVs in a home also in need of a streamer. I’m still hoping Nvidia expands into this space. Great opportunity despite lower margins.

  • For over the air tuner, use an AIR TV 2. :)

    No USB port needed

    For external storage I am guessing you can map to a networked connections drive.

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