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TiVo Automatic Commercial Skipping Debuts This Spring

An eagle-eyed TiVo Community Forum member caught a TiVo employee’s Facebook post that has revealed automated commercial skip will soon be available (pictured below). And, after reviewing with a source, I can confirm TiVo’s existing SkipMode will be expanded to include an “Auto Skip” option.

Once upgraded, DVR owners may be prompted to enable automatic TiVo commercial break skippage during recording playback and the feature can be toggled within the settings (pictured above). As to actual viewing mechanics, when TiVo detects an ad, a small “skip in progress” icon appears accompanied by a chime, followed by the video jump. Unlike the fully programmatic approach Channels and Tablo comskip capabilities will bring to customers later this year, TiVo’s solution remains human curated (at least partially) and thus a smaller subset of programming will be tagged (pictured at bottom) – think prime time on the major networks… which is, fortunately, a favorable scenario for cord cutters.

It’s also expected that TiVo’s big spring update will continue to refine and walk back portions of the much debated Hydra interface, including streamlining My Shows for more efficient perusal. The RC8 that’s rolling out now is merely a patch to the previously deployed Winter update, while the much more significant Spring software upgrade, with AutoSkip, is a bit further out.

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  • This feature would be very cool. Is it only on Hydra?

    I still haven't "upgraded" to Hydra. Besides the big UI change, which I'm not sure I would like. I have heard that it breaks multi-room viewing? My wife and I rely on this feature quite a bit. And while I might try it on my Tivo, there's NO WAY she will want Hydra on hers.

    Are users who don't upgrade to Hydra really missing out on anything?

    Will there be a point in time where Tivo forces everyone to use Hydra?

  • Wow!

    As someone who finally took the plunge (after months of trepidation) to upgrade to Experience 4, this is welcome news. Hydra is definitely not as bad as forum posts led me to believe. It's quite snappy on my Roamio Plus, actually! And CEC, at least in my A/V setup, is a game-changer. It's simplified my remote control situation considerably. And oh how nice it is to finally be on a TiVo with a consistent HDUI. It's good to see TiVo is still fine-tuning their software and adding good enhancements. And getting a bit more aggressive in the comskip game.

    I'm curious to hear about what other new features might be coming in the Spring Update!

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