Arlo To Release A Real Video Doorbell

Arlo launched a smart home doorbell last year that integrates into their existing security camera ecosystem. But the doorbell is audio-only, as in: no video capabilities. The idea was that you’d buy the audio doorbell to supplement an existing Arlo camera covering your front door or porch.

But, as Dave predicted, Arlo is poised to rectify this oversight with a real video doorbell — kindly pictured by the I-View Now monitoring service and as described within a recent Arlo press release:

In addition, Arlo’s future lineup will be expanding to include a new video doorbell with 2MP Full HD video quality, wide field-of-view and crystal-clear two-way audio, all-in-one unit for those that prefer a unified video and audio smart entry solution. For added ease and versatility, the new video doorbell can connect to existing digital and mechanical door chimes.

Specs look comparable to other video doorbells on the market such as Ring and Nest Hello, and the ability to utilize your door bell wiring is always a positive (looking at you August View!). My only question: Will the camera support HDR, to overcome  bright contrast conditions.

Timeline for release and pricing are unknown. Still, it’s good to see Arlo releasing this product as it’s something that helps expand their growing push into whole home security.

5 thoughts on “Arlo To Release A Real Video Doorbell”

  1. I am pretty interested in this. I have an aging Arlo camera, that I could possibly replace with this since I am already heavily invested in Arlo at this point.

  2. @Kyle I go back and forth between Ring and Arlo for now. Like the design and picture quality of the Arlo better than Ring, but Ring has all the integrations with Alexa right now. Looking forward to Arlo launching their security system later this year.

  3. I’m a bit up in the air about this (vs. another company) — The arlo idea seems good, but their baby monitor app is terrible — at least on iOS. They released a version of the iOS software where the audio didn’t work, and the current version of the software manages to disconnect and close overnight — not a good thing for a baby monitor.

  4. Like Adam, I flip back and forth between Arlo and the Amazon-owned Ring. Currently on Ring for those superior Alexa integration mentioned Adam. Arlo app has had its up and downs, Michael – like that year the higher zooms vanished. Also, it’s not the simplest to configure.

  5. I wonder if it will work with the existing Arlo “free” plan (7 days of video stored) or if you’ll have to use one of the Arlo Ultra plans that requires periodic payment after a year for many features.

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