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TiVo’s 20th Anniversary (and Mysterious Origins)

As we reflect upon TiVo’s 20th anniversary, the history of DVR, and Blue Moon we are reminded of TiVo’s secret origin story documented below.

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    • Extremely weird. But also fun. Amazing TiVo made a viral video in 2006 largely before viral videos were a thing. We produced similar at Sling and Dash (for likely way more money) … that we fortunately didn’t run.

      I know where to find the Sling video… but safer to just share the description.

      In a commercial for Slingbox that features Blake Krikorian, the Slingbox CEO, Krikorian is captured by aliens, brought aboard a space ship and shown three devices. He can take any one back to earth in exchange for a some “market research.” The devices include a handheld nuclear power generator, a cure for global warming and a prototype for Slingbox. “I’ll take this one!” he says, delightedly grabbing the Slingbox. Of course that results in a brief medical exam, which, you guessed it, involves an anal probe. It is tasteless, uproariously funny and impossible to ignore. And because it is pitched to an audience of predominately male high-tech consumers, it is totally appropriate and on target. These people are in on the joke, so it’s not shocking.

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