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Bring On The Nintendo Switch Mini

After months of Nintendo Switch “Mini” rumors, the chatter has hit something of a crescendo this week with an updated report from the WSJ, declaring two new portable consoles may hit as early as this summer — one Pro and one Mini.

In the short time I owned a Switch, I only docked the gaming system to charge it up and never removed the controllers. And, while I didn’t find it particularly bulky, I wouldn’t mind a slightly smaller version that does away with those capabilities and somewhat reduces the 6.2″ screen size for increased portability. Controller rumble appears to be off the table, but sources indicate docking may remain in some form and it’s all expected to clock in at a lower price point.

In any event, color me interested given Nintendo’s often stellar first party titles in conjunction with the current disaster that is mobile iOS gaming.

(Photo render swiped from Nintendo Life.)

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