Ring “Beams” Spotlight & Floodlight To Debut, Updated Landscape Lighting Too

Prior to Amazon acquiring Ring, Ring acquired Mr. Beams outdoor lighting… and the promised 2018 lighting solutions never materialized. Enter 2019 and, based on regulatory filings, Ring is back with a Beams vengeance. The company is relaunching the brand as simply Ring “Beams” and includes am impressive array of products — which have just hit the FCC and, as such, include wireless capabilities their predecessors did not along with Ring app integration.

  • Ring Beams Spotlight is a single hardwired, motion controlled, and connected spotlight.
  • Ring Beams Floodlight is bigger and brighter than spotlight, designed to cover larger areas. Interestingly, the motion detection system can be removed… and replaced with a Ring Spotlight Cam!
  • Ring Beams Pathlight look somewhat similar to original Mr. Beams walkway lighting, but now with supercharged connectivity. Sadly, some details have yet to be revealed due to what looks like a FCC filing error.
  • Rings Beams Bridge is probably a Zigbee-WiFi bridge that both the Spotlight and Floodlight require (and probably those pathway lights, too) to communicate with the Ring app and ecosystem. I assume it’ll be bundled.
  • Ring Beams Landscape Transformer is a connected power source that I suspect is intended to give our existing “dumb” landscape lighting a bit more smarts through Ring app scheduling and triggers.
  • Ring Beams Motion Sensor is battery powered and presumably designed to interact with other Beams products through various trigger rules. Requires the Rings Beams Bridge.
  • Ring Beams Step Light is also battery powered with what look like tiny, lower light LEDs. Based on the guide and photograph, this suggests most or all of these products will come in both white and black. Requires the Rings Beams Bridge

Check out the gallery below! Click to expand.

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  1. Hopefully the home-mounted solutions also come in white… Not that it matters for my household, all I want are those walkway lights. :)

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