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IKEA Preps His & Hers Qi Charging Stand

As we anxiously await the Kadrilj and Fyrtur IKEA smart blinds, we learn the company will be expanding the NORDMÄRKE line of Qi chargers to include a double-wide wireless charging stand (of unknown power) to simultaneously juice up multiple smartphones. Ikea was something of an early leader in wireless charging, having introduced a variety of furniture back in 2015 with native support. Sadly, they currently look to be emphasizing accessories over lamps and nightstands… just as I contemplate a new bedroom set.

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  • Smart blinds for that price! Wow. I've really wanted smart blinds (my kids are too lazy to ever open them so the upstairs is always dark) but the smart blinds have been way to expensive. Keep us posted when you see a pre-release.

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