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Poor Sonos, Apple Music Coming To Alexa

Sonos, the original Switzerland stand-in for digital music services, is about to be undercut by Amazon.

Apple Music subscribers will be able to enjoy Apple Music’s 50 million songs on Echo devices. Customers will be able to ask Alexa to play their favorite songs, artists, and albums—or any of the playlists made by Apple Music’s editors from around the world, covering many activities and moods. Customers will also be able to ask Alexa to stream expert-made radio stations centered on popular genres like Hip-Hop, decades like the 80s, and even music from around the world, like K-Pop. Just ask Alexa to play Beats 1 to hear Apple Music’s global livestream including in-depth artist interviews— all completely ad-free.

The Apple Music Alexa skill is expected to become available the week of December 19th. As a YouTube Red subscriber with Google Play music, I’m hopeful that Google takes an approach similar to Apple: Despite competing hardware, make your service available everywhere. But I’m not holding my breath…

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  • Never thought I'd see the day. Totally stoked.

    However, essential features that are currently available with Spotify on Alexa, such as Speaker Groups, may or may make or break this.

  • Zatz not undercutting, zatz spreading the love. Why's everything got to be so adversarial? Clickbait, huh? Gives me a sick feeling... stop it!

  • I'd say it's a fair assessment and not a new take.

    'Poor Sonos' was also my exact position on Twitter when Amazon announced multiroom in 2017:

    Speakers from Google and Amazon are far cheaper, sufficient for most, more versatile, and until now Sonos was the only 3rd party that supported Apple in this way. Moves like these further diminish Sonos' value. In fact, this may have been the last reason for many to stick with or look at Sonos (including two coworkers I had steered towards Sonos a couple weeks back due to Apple Music). And I blog in the first hand. I was a Sonos household. I am no longer a Sonos household.

    It's just as easy to point and say "Sonos shareholder!" as it is to point and say "Clickbait!" without having a conversation. The rare times I get around to publishing something, it's stories I find interesting and/or notable and, again, are often presented in the first hand based on personal experiences or as a veteran of the industry. And the deals I share are the ones I would or did use. Doubt my niche and site could benefit from a ZDNet-style anti-Apple piece.

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